Challenge Reveals


How’s your core temp? You’ll want to get the heart rate up after diving into the ICE BATH!

Our tip: STAY STRONG when approaching the ICE BATH — DO NOT TEST the water, STOP or THINK about what you are about to do! The reality is: the sooner you get in, the sooner you get out!


Whether you Crawl, Duck, Squat, Jump or even Roll through... It's going to be a Challenge!


It's going to take a whole lot physical effort and concentration to make it to the top of of THE RAMP. But don't worry, you won't be alone, this challenge is all about giving each other a helping hand!

THE KEY to conquering the ramp is to NOT stop running when you hit the ramp, it may take you a few tries, but you will get it and the view at the top will be awesome!


Click here to check out the video of our course designer Debbie to see how it's done!

Negotiation of the wall is a very important part of achieving the wall scale. Always start with one foot take offs and finish with two foot landings. 
Make sure to place your hands at the top of the wall and drive your body up using your momentum. This challenge will require some upper body strength, balance and stamina.


A one man carry, your team mates can’t help you with this one. Pulling your casualty (tyres looped together) will be harder work than you think! 
Our tip: use your legs, focus and don't stop until you get to the other side! REMEMBER - your body can stand almost anything, it's your mind that you need to convince.


YOU don't need to be super fit to master the Sled Pull.

YOU don't even need to be that coordinated.

KEY: Activate your core and maintain a strong grip!


Feel the BURN... as you climb some of the BIGGEST stairs you will come across in your LIFE! This challenge will test your strength and flexibility - but be sure to turn around cause the view at the top will make the climb oh so worth it!


You’ll need all of your senses to get through the maze that we have planned for you in here. Strobe Lights, Effects and your Adrenalin will get you through the dark BATTLE ZONE!


What goes up must come down. Rope Ladders will be fixed to a wall where you will make your way up step by step, then the FUN bit – SLIDE down the pipes to get right back to where you started!


Feel the adrenaline rush through your body as you DIVE and RETRIEVE an object in the Continental Pools! This challenge will give you the ENERGY BOOST you need to tackle the rest of the course.


In the Rock Pools you’ll find buckets with clues to a question you’ll need to answer to get to the next point. Not all the buckets will have questions though so luck will play a part in this one #AreYouFeelingLucky?


You’ll need to bunch up tight and move your body to get you through the tunnels and out the other side.

Stay tuned as we will be releasing a NEW challenge each week!

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